Hey, It’s Okay…

We all have struggles both internally and externally. We are not perfect and whatever you feel, the good, bad or ugly is all okay. Your experiences and your journey make whatever you are thinking, feeling and doing valid as long as you’re not hurting others or are self-destructive. Remember that whatever you are going through in this moment, you and those around you still deserve kindness.

It’s okay if…

  • you struggle to stay positive. Especially now during the Covid pandemic, it’s hard to remain cheerful and in a good headspace. Give you and those around you a break. Don’t place too many expectations on yourself or anyone. Be gentle, be kind and do what you can to be ok whether that means spending time alone, seeking out the love and support of friends and family or looking to professional health professionals on how best to cope with negative emotions.
  • you are a work in progress. We, as humans, are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. There is always room for learning and growth so I believe we will never be a completely finished product until we reach the heavenly skies.
  • you fear potential. Change is often difficult and it’s easy to doubt ourselves and what we are capable of. We are afraid of failure. Failure though isn’t a bad thing. It simply means you had the courage to try and it didn’t work out this time. It doesn’t mean we won’t be successful the next time. Failure is an opportunity to learn and get better.
  • you have some bad habits. Humans weren’t born to be perfect and we all do things we shouldn’t. I drink too much Diet Coke. Some people bite their fingernails or eat too many sweets. Some habits are more harmful then others, i.e. smoking, drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs. Some bad habits can be broken, some don’t require attention at all and some definitely need to go no matter what. Seek professional help for the more serious bad habits. Otherwise you’re okay to be imperfect.
  • you colour outside the lines. Remember when you were taught that you have to colour inside the lines, that bananas are yellow not blue and skin was always peach colour. SO NOT TRUE! You can colour anywhere you please. Things can be any colour you want them to be including skin. Life is the same way. Don’t do things the same as everyone else and do things your way. Veer off the path every now and then. Life isn’t a straight line.
  • you feel exhausted today. I personally am very tired today. Take it easy on days when you’re not feeling your usual perky self. The chores will still be there when you feel better.

All of your feelings whether they be anger, anxiousness, confusion, uncertainty, lost, sadness or happiness, are all valid and okay. You don’t need to justify, explain or sweep them under the rug. Express yourself freely, accept help if you need it and love yourself through it all. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and rest assured you are worthy, good enough and amazing no matter how you feel today.

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