Today’s Lessons

If nothing else, the past year has been full of life lessons and opportunities for personal growth. While it has been extremely hard for those living alone, the elderly, the vulnerable and the sick, it has been a wake up call to the world. Here below are some lessons I’ve taken from 2020 that will live on inside me for I hope a very long time:

  • The world can change very quickly. One has to be able to adapt and go with the flow.
  • Friends matter a lot! Keeping connected with friends through texting, social distance visits, FaceTime, phone calls or zoom meetings has been crucial to my mental and emotional health. Don’t isolate yourself even during a world wide pandemic. There are ways to stay in touch with people and while they may not be the same as face to face interaction, it’s what we have for now.
  • Hope matters. Never lose hope. This is only a speck of time and it will pass.
  • Small moments can be beautiful. While in quarantine, I learned to appreciate and love the little things; birds at the bird feeder, sun streaming through the windows, a friendly wave from a neighbour, a brisk walk in the winter air and the hush of newly falling snow. It’s these small but beautiful moments that lets you know you’re alive, safe and healthy and there is still joy if you take a moment to look for it.
  • Kindness is a great gift. Helping people or extending a small hand of kindness especially during rough times is uplifting both for the giver and the receiver. Take in a neighbour’s recycle buckets, bring an elderly neighbour their groceries, shovel someone’s sidewalk, smile at people (even behind a mask), buy someone’s order behind in line at the drive through or send someone who’s alone a card to let them know they have not been forgotten.
  • Be grateful for family. Making the extra effort to keep in touch with family you may not have been able to see is crucial to maintaining ties with loved ones. Be glad you have people in your corner, who have your back no matter what. Relationships make life interesting and fun but it also means you have support on the dark days.
  • Heros do exist and they don’t wear capes. There are people all over the world who have been working through the pandemic to ensure people have medical attention, food on their table, a safe place to lay their head at night and anything they may need to stay safe and healthy. They are heroes in every sense of the word and I am grateful for their bravery.
  • Live with bravery. I have had my share of difficult days with lots of tears but I am working hard on accepting the current situation and making the best of it. I am trying to live each day with some purpose and feel blessed that I have another day to look forward to when many others do not. If those on the frontline can be brave, then surely the rest of us can at least try.

Yes it has been a hard year but also a year with a lot of opportunities to appreciate what you have that so many others do not. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and don’t give in to despair. You’ve got this!

7 thoughts on “Today’s Lessons

  1. kinge says:

    Such beautiful lessons of good values. I agree with you. Change is the only constant and we should always be flexible. I also find gratitude to be transformative and uplifts moments in my day

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