Warm Welcome to 2021!

Well, like most of you, I’m quite happy to let 2020 go. However, before we do, let’s try and put a positive spin on the past year. It was certainly a time of fear, sadness, anger and loss. Along with the pandemic, there was the US presidential debates, voting and now dealing with a president who is refusing to give in and admit defeat. There was the Black Lives Matter tragedies and the losses were felt keenly around the globe. So yes, 2020 had more than its fair share of difficulties but one thing I did take away from my experiences of the past year is that life is fleeting and we must learn to live every moment as if it were our last. Seize every opportunity to experience and share, love and positivity. I am more grateful than ever for the relationships of friends and family and know how important my loved ones are to my emotional and mental well being. Even though we were apart physically, I felt we grew closer despite that distance.

The past year has also forced me to rekindle some old hobbies for which I am excited about. I have read more books in the last year than I have in a long while and I’ve started an organization project with my multitude of photographs. It was a year to get some home projects done that have been on the back burner so that feels good to check off the to-do list. Despite not being able to travel far, we made the best of local sites and still enjoyed time in our new travel trailer.

It was a tough year but not a total disaster. There is always good to be found on even the darkest of days if we are open and willing to find it. Where do we go from here?

I’m not one to make resolutions but I try to take stock and improve on what is lacking in my life. I’ve ordered a new agenda/planner and hope to make each day count in some way, big or small. Here’s my list of things I wish to focus on in the months ahead:

  • more self-care (face masks, time alone, personal grooming, spiritual growth)
  • morning mindfulness – wake up grateful for a new day
  • more reading – maybe even throw in a self-help book or two
  • more journaling – even a line or two for reflection
  • make time for daily meditation and prayer
  • decluttering – can’t believe the amount of stuff that gets accumulated (decluttered house = decluttered mind)
  • spend more time outside
  • more body movement (dog walking and yoga)
  • more regular meal planning (I hate cooking but I hate even more the uncertainty in the morning of what to have for dinner that night.)
  • God willing I will be able to spend more time with loved ones. Goodbye Covid 19!

Some ideas to guide you into 2021!

What do you hope and dream for in 2021? What’s the first thing you’ll do when the pandemic is declared over? I’m looking forward to lots of hugs! Whatever the new year has in store for us, remember to remain Pretty, Plus and Proud through the good, the bad and the ugly but keep your chin up, look to the sky and look for the light in every day.

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