Tasks For The New Year To Live More Simply!

With the New Year right around the corner and Christmas stuff still lying around, you might be feeling a little like me, visually overstimulated and anxious to reorganize and declutter. Added on to that, my daughter and her partner are moving back home to prepare for attending a university in the fall that’s a little closer to home. While I am very excited to have my girl home again, there will be some adjustments that will have to be made on everyone’s part to make sure living together will be harmonious and NOT stressful. So now is the time to get organized, making sure everything has a place and a purpose or brings great joy to look at.

I always enjoy rearranging after the Christmas decor has been taken down and packed away for another year. Rearranging allows me to take out anything I’m no longer using or have too much of. So today, while I have the house all to myself, along with a little self-care, I’m also doing some cleaning up and sorting. I found the list below, on where else but Pinterest, to help me with today’s chores:

I hope that your New Year is blessed with good health, happiness and more together time with family and friends and fingers crossed, Covid will soon be a distant memory. I hope your home, no matter how humble or fancy, big or small, brings you peace and joy. Take a few minutes each day to keep your space tidy and clutter free. Serene surroundings will help keep a clear mind and make it easier to get stuff done. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud as 2020 comes to a close and a new year arrives with hope, goals and dreams to be fulfilled.

Check out some of the lists below to help with decluttering, cleaning and organizing your home:

Choose a list or method that works best for you! Best of luck as you begin 2021 with a clean and clutter free environment!

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