Be You!

I think it’s true what is sometimes said, that beauty lies in someone who is confident enough to be themselves. You don’t have to have “traditional” features that are considered attractive like long blond hair, blue eyes and a willowy figure. If you have the courage to be unashamedly yourself, that is beauty.

Beauty lies in someone who is proud of who they are; their talents, their accomplishments, what they stand for, their beliefs, values, morals and their truth. They say what they feel without bringing others down in the process. They lift people up with a simple smile and kind word. Beautiful people don’t belittle, bully, trash talk, gossip or shame people to make themselves bigger or better. They share themselves with those around them with no expectations of anything in return. They are nice just for the sake of being nice. They don’t ask for accolades but are satisfied to remain behind the scenes. At the same time though, they also stand up for themselves when necessary and don’t allow themselves to be forgotten or overlooked.

Beauty is found in all shapes and sizes. Beauty has many colours, genders and racial backgrounds. Beauty is not defined by where you come from, who you love or where you live. It is not found in anyone wanting to be, pretending to be or wishing to be someone else because they think society would be more accepting of them if they were different.

Beauty is found when you decide to just be yourself. Wear what you want. Style yourself the way you want. Be the person that is screaming to be let out because that person is awesome just they way they are.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud because you are truly beautiful.

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