Emotional Mess? That’s OK!

I am a very emotional person. I wear my heart on my sleeve with everything I feel always close to the surface. I cry at everything; movies, commercials, someone else’s distress, the news on TV or social media, everything! I also have a lightening quick temper which I am working hard on controlling as I tend to act first and ask for forgiveness second. I am sensitive, my feelings can get hurt easily. I also cry when I’m overjoyed or surrounded by love. Yes, I’m an emotional mess but that’s ok.

Your feelings are your own and one should never be ashamed or embarrassed to show emotion. No one else has experienced what you have or walked in your shoes and therefore no one has the right to judge your emotions or how you display them. Your feelings are your business and do not require explanations.

It’s important to express what is inside you. Bottling it all up inside is detrimental to your mental health and will eventually affect your physical health as well. We all know the side affects of extreme and prolonged stress so let all that stuff inside come out so people who love you can share those feelings. People who care about you want to comfort you when you are sad, calm you when you are angry, protect you when you’re afraid and celebrate with you when you’re happy.

Being emotional is not a sign of weakness. It shows everyone your humanity and that you are a good, kind and caring individual who can be trusted to be a good friend when needed. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of who you are, emotional mess included, because that is what makes you special and unique and that is, indeed, a very good thing.

6 thoughts on “Emotional Mess? That’s OK!

  1. Weird and Wonderful says:

    I love your honesty. I was pushing people away because I basically did not want to be rude. I wanted to be challenged because, it is better out than in. You nailed it. I did however, reflect and found out a year later that I see things differently. I wish you were around as well last year. Just being able to get through the boulders would have been nice.

    No, the reflection on a writer called, BJØRN ANDREAS BULL-HANSEN https://wordpress.com/posts/artymarty99.wordpress.com

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