Show A Little Grace

People say and do things that are sometimes hard to understand or even hurtful. Usually when someone does something that upsets us, our first reaction is anger or retaliation. We want them to feel as bad as we do in that moment.

What we fail to remember is that we don’t know or can’t see what is happening inside that person’s head or even within their day to day life. We do not know their daily struggles. Do they have a job that pays enough to put a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food on the table or do they have difficulty meeting those needs for themselves or their families? Are they in happy relationships or do they suffer at the hands of an abuser, mentally, emotionally or physically? Do they have loving family and friend support, people who accept them, encourage them and hold them up in times of trouble or are they left to deal with life’s hardships on their own, making their way through life alone? Do they have internal struggles with mental health or do they have chronic and/or debilitating physical illnesses or diseases? We do not know their journey nor have we walked in their footsteps. We can not possibly know what is going on in their head or their life that makes them act the way they do or say the things they say.

So what do you do when someone has hit a nerve? Act with a little grace. Give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they really didn’t mean to be hurtful or make you angry. Take the high road, turn the other cheek and shake it off. Unless their behaviour is habitual, everyone deserves a little slack. We all have our bad days and need a soft touch when our mouths and actions get us into trouble.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and remember you too need a little grace from time to time, so be generous, kind, patient and understanding in the face of unintended harm. Realize their behaviour has more to do with them then it does with you.

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