From This To That

Seasons, like life, are always changing. One season brings cooler temperatures, beautiful leaves, enticing aromas and so many colours. The next season has a different beauty. There’s not a lot of colour but its world of white is beautiful in its simplicity.

This weekend we went from this:

To that:

And this (photo taken while on a Sunday drive):

Life too can be full of colour one moment and then may seem bare the next moment. It can be exciting or rather dull. It can be full of movement or seem to stand still. It can be full of constant change or life can run like clockwork, the same every day.

Personally I love the colours but I also love the blank slate of winter. Winter makes me feel cozy and secure as if in a cocoon. After all the changes and upheaval of the past few months, I’m ready for a smooth, uncomplicated season. While my mind longs for the mental stimulation of being surrounded by people, I also don’t really mind being alone. I am comfortable in my own company and while I don’t wish for a Coronavirus lockdown, I think in many ways it’s beneficial and even necessary for some. It forces the workaholics to slow down. It allows families to spend quality time together. It requires us to be imaginative with how we spend our time.

So as we transition into the winter months, how will you make sure you are healthy and safe? I know isolation can be extremely difficult for those living alone or for the elderly in care facilities. If possible, include social distancing visits with family and friends in your weekly routine. Enjoy some outdoor winter fun; snowman making, tubing, sledding, walks in the snow, festive outdoor decorating, drives around the city to enjoy the Christmas lights with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. If it’s safe to do so, check in on neighbours or volunteer at nursing homes. Accept and embrace quiet time alone too. Get lost in the pages of a good book, enjoy some old fashioned paper and pen puzzle books, stretch the limbs with an online yoga class, cook something new, enjoy a favourite movie or do some journaling.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud as the seasons roll from one to another and enjoy every fleeting moment. Life really does fly by quickly so try not to wallow in sadness or anger. Find a spark of joy in very day and welcome with open arms the change or simplicity of the season.

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