First Acceptance Then Possibly Love – Part 3

This is my final instalment on my eating disorder series. I hope you read yesterday’s recovery story from a very brave and inspirational young lady. While she’s not at the point of loving her body yet, she has learned to accept it and that is a big step in her body positive journey. Even now at 50+ I have moments in which I find it hard to accept my body’s limitations which in turn make it difficult to feel love for my body. There are good days and bad but for someone who has been travelling the body positive road for a while, I can happily say there are more good days then bad. I have no doubt Betty will experience happier feelings about her body if she continues to work hard on her recovery and mental health. I have nothing but pride for her and anyone else who can pull themselves out of such a dark place.

Eating disorders are one byproduct of a society that is too focused on outer appearances. Also we are a selfish society that focuses too much on ourselves and not enough on supporting our young people when in crisis. We must be open and willing to really listen to their cries for help. We must be willing to accept them and love them unconditionally. They have to know that people care about their well being and are ready to do what it takes to ensure their health and happiness are not in jeopardy from our lack of attention and society’s laser focus on what beauty is. There are too many negative outside influences that we must be vigilant on limiting our young’s exposure to. Also, sadly eating disorders are not limited to the young or any particular group of people. Anyone can fall into the trap of thinking that they can regain control over their lives by severely limiting their diet.

The last couple of posts focused on anorexia nervosa. Listed below are several other eating disorders, their most common behaviours and consequences:

I hope that anyone suffering from any of the illnesses listed above or any mental health issues that affect your relationship with your body, find hope and healing so they can look in the mirror and feel Pretty, Plus and Proud. You are all worthy of a happy and healthy life!

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