World Kindness Day

Happy World Kindness Day! There truly is a day for everything but really, showing kindness, is something we should all do every day. Giving kindness away is free and easier than one might think.

Kindness can be as simple as smiling at someone to volunteering at a charitable organization. It can be about helping neighbours or being patient with your spouse on a bad day. It can be extravagant in the form of tangible gifts or simple in helping someone cross the street safely. Kindness happens when you think of others first but the bonus is that when you show kindness, it makes you feel good too.

If we were all a little more kind, I think the problems of the modern world would be left behind in the dust. We must learn to embrace our differences, celebrate our similarities and learn to live peacefully with all. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and spread kindness freely and liberally! It’s good for you, for others and for our planet.

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