Lacking Confidence?

Are you short on confidence? Are you hesitant to do things for fear of failure? Here are a few suggestions to boost your confidence and enable you to live your best life, the life you truly deserve:

  • Make a list of all your strengths. Whether they be big or small, every little thing that you are good at or that you admire about yourself is a step towards feeling confident and successful in life. Add to the list often as strengths can bloom and grow out of nowhere.
  • Accept any limitations. I have MS so I know I can’t run a marathon. That is something I have come to accept and live with. However, it doesn’t mean I can’t do or be good at something else. We’re all built to do different jobs so that means everyone has something they are good at and something else not so good at. That’s ok.
  • Learn to accept compliments. Don’t negate what other people think is wonderful about you. You can’t disrespect their good thoughts and opinions about you. Say thank you graciously.
  • Practice speaking kindly to yourself and about yourself. Your brain will believe your words so make them positive ones.
  • Teach others how to treat you by what you allow and/or accept. If you let people treat you badly, they will. If you only allow kindness towards you, that is what you will receive.
  • Be willing to try new things even if it feels scary. Doing new things allows you to grow and you may surprise yourself at how capable you really are. If it doesn’t work out, no big deal. Remember you can’t be good at everything but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.
  • Let go of failures. They were teachable moments, not a weight you have to wear around your neck forever. You did it, you failed, end of story, move on.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and believe you can do anything, be anyone because you are amazing, you are worthy and you are enough!

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