Make Memories

How many times have you lost out on making memories or experiencing exciting adventures because you were self-conscious or ashamed or embarrassed by how you looked? How many more moments are you going to let slip by because you think you’re not good enough to participate?

I gave up awhile ago caring what people think of how I look. My size or shape is nobody’s business but mine and if I’m ok with it then why should anyone else care? If people are offended by me then they either don’t have to look or they can leave. Their opinion of me is their problem not mine.

I look forward to adventures with my family. I love to travel and explore with our travel trailer. I love to be in nature; hiking (or getting pushed in my wheelchair depending on how I feel that day), swimming and biking. I don’t let how I look, my abilities or disabilities stop me from enjoying life now. Life really is short and if you hold yourself back from experiencing all life has to offer, I know you’ll look back and have to live with regret for all the memories not made.

So Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and enjoy the beauty of life and all the exciting experiences waiting for you.

Photos below are from our Thanksgiving long weekend trip to Ottawa.

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