Things You Should Stop Doing!

We all do things we shouldn’t do, sometimes because it’s simply a bad habit that’s hard to break, sometimes we may even be unaware we do it as often as we do and sometimes it just comes from a lack of belief in ourselves. Whatever the reason, if you want to grow and continue a body positive journey, stopping some of the actions below may help you get to who you want to be a little faster. None of them are easy but with continued practice, I am confident that you will conquer whatever is holding you back from living your best life now.


  • Fearing the unknown: it’s hard to move forward when the future is a big question mark. However, if you can find the courage to try something new or rise up to a challenge set by you or others, you may surprise yourself at how powerful and capable you really are.
  • Letting others drain your energy: you have to let toxic people go. People who bring you down, who don’t support you or love you for who you are, don’t deserve your time or attention. Don’t let other people’s negativity invade your positive space.
  • Poisoning your thoughts: don’t let negative self-talk invade your brain space. Every time a negative thought pops into your mind, immediately replace with a positive thought. Your mind will believe what you say so speak kindly about yourself. If you do it often enough, it will become your truth.
  • Fretting about the future: the future is unknown and unless you can time travel, there’s not much you can do about it. Stay focused on today, the people you will see, the places you will go and the things you will do. Make today a good one and don’t worry about a future you can’t control.
  • Forgetting your power: you are strong and courageous. You have it in you to do anything you want to do and be anyone you want to be. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Getting tangled up with worry: worry only takes away the joy of today. Worry doesn’t make bad things better. If it’s something you have no control over, you must let it go. Give it up to God and rest easy knowing He will take care of you and all those you love.
  • Killing your own vibe: express yourself freely and in whatever way fills your soul. Whoever you are is who you were always meant to be. Don’t change yourself to make others more comfortable. Do you because you do it so well!

Above all else, remain Pretty, Plus and Proud and keep moving one foot in front of the other. Achieving body positivity is not an easy task but it’s worth your efforts. You are worthy. You are enough. You are beautiful.

Image and inspiration for today’s post courtesy of @positivelypresent on Instagram.

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