Quote For The Day!

“Do the best you can with the energy you have.”

-Elaine Welteroth-

My husband gets emailed daily quotes from a local radio station and he shared this one above with me a few days ago. I felt it very appropriate for someone like me who deals with chronic fatigue pretty much every day.

My mind tells me I should be more productive and able to accomplish every goal I have set in my head for the day. I should wake up refreshed and energized to tackle the day with vigour and enthusiasm. My reality though is that this rarely happens. Often I feel more overwhelmed than optimistic that the day will be filled with checked off chores on my to-do list. My mind tells me these things but my body is tired and doesn’t want to cooperate.

My MS has curbed my desire for a picture perfect home. As much as I would love to cook gourmet meals, my weakened legs and back pain dictate more simple food preparation. I would love to be able to whiz through one job after another but my body needs to rest in between tasks.

I do the best I can with the energy I have. Every day is different so I have learned to listen to my body rather than my brain and do what I can, leaving what I can’t get done to another day. There is no shame or reason to be embarrassed if you’re not up to accomplishing a lot of errands and chores. Like I’ve said in past posts, everyone’s journey is unique to them and no one should be judged simply because their productive day looks different than someone else’s.

Instead of thinking, “I should be able to do…”, say to yourself, “It’s ok to do what I can and stop when I can’t do anymore.” Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself on days when just getting out of bed is a big deal. Do what is right for you and never compare your list of accomplishments to anyone else’s. Others are walking a different path from yours.

5 thoughts on “Quote For The Day!

  1. thewheelchairteen says:

    That is such a great quote – and you’re right, it’s okay if you don’t get through everything that you wanted to do because of your conditions. It’s best just to get through everything that you can do instead. One of my biggest mistakes was that I used to look at other people and wished that I could do everything that they did. I was never content with myself and the limited amount of things that I was able to do from my wheelchair. Now I know to do the things that I can do best and achieve the things that I’m able to with my disability – instead of focusing on the things that I wished that I could do.

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  2. inspirechief says:

    Ena, thank you for your beautiful inspirational post. I needed to read this today. Yesterday I had all of my energy drain out of me in the middle of the afternoon. It totally ruined my schedule for the day. I was happy that I got as much done as I could with the energy I had.
    I appreciate the reminder. I hope you are doing well. Take care.

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