Blog Ideas Coming!

I have lots of ideas swirling around in my head. Here are just a few of them:

  • Blogger Recognition Award response
  • Liebster Award response
  • Mental Illness Mini Lesson and Encouragement
  • Things You Should Try To Stop Doing
  • Questions and Answers – Send me your burning “I need to know” questions and I’ll answer them all.
  • Asking For Divine Help
  • Favourite Quotes
  • Teach Body Positivity To Our Young People
  • Emotions Are OK To Share
  • Reasons You Should Care About Yourself
  • Ways To Stay Motivated On Your Body Positive Journey
  • How to Answer the Question, “Am I fat?”.

Questions for you:

  • Where do you get your inspiration/ideas for your posts?
  • Is there anything you would like me to write about?

I hope everyone is having a blessed day! It’s a day that will never come again so be a friend to someone in need. Take the time to care about strangers or someone special. Find some time to relax and practice self-care. Use your words to be kind and lift someone up. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and make this a day as amazing as you are! And enjoy that cup of coffee or whatever your favourite beverage is. You deserve the break!

16 thoughts on “Blog Ideas Coming!

  1. inspirechief says:

    Ena, these are great ideas. I ask for guidance and inspiration and my blog ideas come to me.
    I would love to see a post on teaching youth about body positivity. My drive is to teach people how to be confident, especially our youth.
    Keep up your positivity and keep writing.

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  2. mindbeautysimplicity says:

    I’d love a post on How Not To Feel Pressure From Others (each person’s path is different and we need to learn to embrace that)

    I get a lot of inspiration from TedTalks, Youtube videos, reading articles. I love learning new things. I’m currently learning and reading about color theory and how that goes with makeup styles and fashion.
    I’m with you, I feel like i have so many ideas and posts in my head. I have so much to share.
    Can’t wait to read your future posts 🙂

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  3. Atulmaharaj says:

    That’s quite a list! Most of my blog posts are about my experiences so mostly I’m not out of them. However, if I’m ever out to ideas, I turn to my hard disk, browse through old photos/videos to get ideas to write about.

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