Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to Tuesday! I hope your week has started off wonderfully and you’re having a great Tuesday! What are you doing to make this an amazing day?

  • Are you being kind to people?
  • Are you lifting people up with compliments and positivity?
  • Are you connecting with someone you love and have maybe neglected lately?
  • Are you being productive?
  • Have you practiced some self-care?
  • Have you been helpful to anyone?
  • Did you go outside for some fresh air and vitamin D?
  • Have you said, “I love you” to someone special?
  • Have you played today?
  • Have you been patient?
  • Have you prayed today?
  • Have you eaten something yummy?
  • Have you moved your body today?
  • Have you smiled at anyone today?
  • Have you spent time with your children, petted your dog or hugged your partner?

What have you done to make this day memorable? What have you done that will make you happy as you lay your head on your pillow tonight?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and make this day a good one, not just for yourself but for anyone you meet along the way. Everyone deserves to be happy today so do your part to make it happen. If everyone spread good cheer not just today but every day, the world could be a wonderful place to live!

Image courtesy of Pinterest!

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