How Do You Live?

Do you wake up in the morning grateful to be blessed with another day? Are you thankful for the life you have in spite of the difficulties you may face?

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of despair and depression when life is difficult, when bad things happen and the life you envisioned isn’t your reality.

Everyone has their problems and no one person has the perfect life. Everyone has to deal with disappointments, health issues, heartache and loss. Rest assured you are not alone in your pain. The things that happen to you are for the most part, not your fault. However, how you react to the bumps in your life is a choice. You can choose to seek revenge, isolate yourself, get angry, depressed or spread negativity. Or, you can choose to rise above and find the joy in even the most difficult of days.

It’s not going to be easy to see the positive in the midst of the negative but it is not impossible. When you seek joy, joy will find you. Rejoice in small moments of happiness. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others and know that life can be good when you can see past your hurt. Open your eyes to the beauty of nature. Open your heart to the love others may be waiting to give. Be grateful for all you are blessed with even though it may seem like so little.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and live life with joy. We only have one chance so make the best of the opportunities made available to you. Love yourself and know that others love you too. You are worthy, good enough and deserving of happiness!

Image courtesy of Instagram!

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