I Want To or I Can Do

How many times have you thought to yourself or even said out loud, “I wish I could do that” or “I would love to go there” or “I want to but…”? It’s the slight hesitation, the but or the self-doubt that sabotages adventure, trying new things, discovering untapped talents and keeps you from living your best life right now.

I’ve done it myself over the years. My lack of confidence, my tunnel vision made me see myself as unworthy or not good enough or even capable of dreaming and setting goals to make those dreams my truth. How many years did I waste wallowing in self pity, wishing I looked different so I could do more?. Back before body positivity was a thing, the way you looked had a huge impact on what you were able to achieve. if you didn’t fit society’s standard of what success and beauty looked like, than most people who didn’t fit into that narrow category were doomed to failure before they even got started.

However, thankfully, times are changing. The brave ones who stood up and said I am good enough to do and be whoever I want to be, have broken down some of the nasty stereotypes and have given all of us the freedom to dream. I am smart enough, talented enough, strong enough, brave enough and beautiful enough to do whatever sets my should on fore. I can go anywhere and be anyone. What I look like has no bearing on what I can do.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and turn those I wants into I can. Let your imagination run wild and be the person you were created to be. Push all self-doubt aside and fulfill every dream whirling around in your heart and mind.

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