Friday Gratitude List

Every time you turn on the TV or scroll through social media, the top stories are the ones that are most tragic. The year 2020 has been full of bad news and it’s easy to get bogged down with so much negativity and sorrow. There will always be bad news that will try to capture our attention. It is looking for the good in life that can be a challenge but nothing is more important in a time of struggle and unrest. We need those little glimmers of goodness to hold us up and give us the strength to meet hardship head on and squash it.

This morning I woke up and tried to focus my thoughts on all that I am blessed with so here is my Friday Gratitude List:

  • I am thankful for a husband who supports me, loves me, encourages me and who always knows how to make me laugh.
  • I am blessed with a sweet daughter who’s strong, brave, smart, kind, empathetic, independent and beautiful. It doesn’t get any better than her and I am so proud to be her Mom.
  • I am joyful that I have a beautiful and loving family and friend support system.
  • I am at peace with a roof over my head, clothing on my back and food in my belly.
  • I rejoice that I am a daughter of God who created me uniquely beautiful.
  • I am happy that it’s a beautiful Fall day with a shining sun, cool sweater weather temperature and the beginning of colour changes in nature.
  • I am thankful for a loving and loyal companion in our dog Maggie.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and try to count your blessings instead of world disasters, even just for today.

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