I am…

What words describe you? Your assignment for today is to fill in the blank. Think of positive words to describe who you are and what you do. Get help from loved ones if you’re having trouble seeing the truth in the mirror.

This is me! I am…

  • beautiful
  • smart
  • a good mother
  • a LGBTQ+ supporter
  • a loving wife
  • a loyal friend
  • strong
  • persistant
  • caring
  • kind
  • a good writer
  • an advocate
  • a survivor
  • a victor
  • a homemaker
  • a teacher
  • a reader
  • a thinker
  • talented
  • courageous
  • a fighter
  • a protector
  • body positive
  • full of self-love
  • a believer
  • a fashion lover
  • a shopping addict
  • a bargain hunter
  • a makeup lover
  • trendy
  • talented
  • a traveller
  • a mermaid (currently missing my ocean)
  • an Acadian (google that one)
  • a dreamer

It took me almost 50 years to see the value in myself. It’s always easier to see your faults and shortcomings. Challenge yourself to see what your loved ones see. You are an amazing person and very little of that wonder comes from what you look like. Your most important and attractive assests come from within you. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and describe yourself as you would describe your best friend, positively and with love.

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