How Do You Rise After Bad Things Happen?

Recently in my city a very bad and disturbing thing happened. Over the greed and jealousy of not receiving what he thought he deserved after the dispersement of his father’s will, a man drove a truck all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Ontario and killed his sister’s husband and three of her children and then killed himself. He shot his sister but she survived and she is left with one son who was away at university and thankfully was not home when the shooting took place.

While my family and I weren’t intimate friends with the deceased, we did know the family. The husband was a high school teacher with the same school board my husband is a teacher for, as well as the surviving wife. The son who was at university danced with my daughter when they both belonged to the same Ukranian dance group. The family were members of our church. What happened to them was a shock and an absolute horrific tragedy.

Now a wife/mother/sister is left to grieve the loss of three of her children, her husband and even the brother who brought this loss onto her. Her surviving son/brother/nephew is left to mourn the loss of his father, brothers, sister and uncle. How do you even begin to move on after such a terrible blow?

What happened to them has haunted my thoughts since it occurred. It saddens me deeply that a brother could do such a terrible act of violence over money, greed and jealousy. By taking the coward’s way out and killing himself, he can’t even be made to face the results of his brutality. Obviously he was a man tortured by his own mind and it is not up to man but it is now God he must face for his sins.

The world is full of so much heartache right now. We’ve been thrown a lot of bad blows this year; Covid that has killed so many people leaving families broken and grieving, devastating fires that have destroyed homes and wiped out entire communities, floods, famine, hurricanes, tornadoes and the list could go on. Why do these things happen and what are we supposed to do when bad things keep knocking at our door?

Why they happen, I do not have an answer for. I am not God so I can’t even begin to understand his plans. What are we supposed to do? That’s easier to answer, we must have faith. When you feel like giving up, you must keep going. When you feel overwhelmed with despair, you must seek a place of refuge. When you feel weak from the onslaught of negativity, you must remember to gain strength from your blessings and be grateful. In the days of darkness there is always a ray of sunshine that is waiting to be found.

I pray that this family and anyone else going through really difficult stuff will take comfort in knowing they have people who will love and support them and help them rise up from the ashes even if it means carrying them until they can stand on their own.

Dark days will pass, we will recover and go on to fight another day. We are a strong and resilient species. Hopefully bad stuff will make us more empathetic, sympathetic, loving, kind, patient and nurturing to those in need. Bad stuff has the power to make us better if we choose to embrace the positive and turn away from the devil or the bad stuff that is knocking at our door.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and join me in honouring all those who have suffered this year by being a little bit nicer to each other. Let love rule your world, not hate, fear, greed or jealousy.

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