#Kindness For Crew

A little baby boy was born to the Leach family in September of 2019. In December that little boy was found unresponsive in his crib after being put down for his usual afternoon nap. In the end he could not be saved and his parents, Jeff Leach and Brittani Boren-Leach made the agonizing decision to let their precious child go and donate his organs to others in desperate need.

Brittani is a familiar Mama on YouTube talking about home decor, shopping deals, life with young children, recipes, cleaning tips, do it yourself projects, hair and makeup tips. Her loss was a shock and heart wrenching tragedy for her family, friends and devoted followers. I can’t even begin to know how the loss of her child must feel but I do admire what she has done in his name to make sure he is never forgotten and perhaps that was his purpose for coming to earth and then so quickly departing us. No one knows God’s plans or reasons for the way things happen in our lives. It’s hard to accept why a little baby isn’t given the chance to grow and live. However, God’s plans are so beyond our scope of understanding that we must simply have faith that the reason is good and necessary.

His death has truly been remembered in the acts of kindness people have done to help ease the pain just a little bit since his passing but also in this month to commemorate his first birthday. His family have requested that people do acts of kindness, donate blood or become an organ donor to honour the life and legacy of Crew Turner Leach. When posting what you’ve done or in explaining to others why, label your actions #kindnessforcrew so the family can be comforted by the knowledge that their little one did not die in vain.

So I encourage you to think of what this family has had to endure and do something nice for someone today while thinking of a special little boy celebrating his first birthday in heaven. Happy 1st Birthday little Crew and may God give your Mom, Dad, brothers, sister and all who knew you, the strength and faith to bare the burden of losing you here on earth. May they be comforted by the knowledge that they will be with you again one day.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud, hold your loved ones close and be grateful for all your blessings. We are here for only a short time and we never know when our journey on earth will end. Live each day with purpose and spread positivity like confetti. The world needs a lot of that these days.

2 thoughts on “#Kindness For Crew

  1. Dulcy Singh says:

    So heartfelt post ,they are real angels on earth send by almighty. You are very true God’s plans are so beyond our scope of understanding that we must simply have faith that the reason is good and necessary. This post was simply great 👍 👌

    Liked by 2 people

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