Blogging Anniversary

Five years ago I was looking for something to do to occupy my time as my daughter headed off to high school, not in need of her mother quite as much. I wanted to do something that would help me grow as a person but would also be helpful to others. I had recently become more aware of the body positive movement and it intrigued me. What was this whole thing about loving yourself just as you are? No diets or workout regimes? Sign me up! Thus began my self-love and blogging journey. I always enjoyed writing so what better way to share my struggles with body image and hopefully find some like minded people who were also tired of the yo-yo dieting, counting calories and paying for programs that ultimately didn’t work for the long haul. I wanted to inspire people to see that their scars, cellulite, moles, lumps and bumps were only a small part of who they are and certainly not the most important parts.

That brings us to today, five years later, 700+ followers and lots of self-love. I have been blessed with so many wonderful followers whose comments and support have sustained me and motivated me to keep writing and keep spreading the word that we don’t have to look like runway models and movie stars to live a happy and successful life. We can buck society’s ideals of what’s attractive and just be ourselves. We’ll all get old the same way. We’ll all have wrinkles and grey hair. The outer image of ourselves will change with age but our true self inside will always be the thing that people will remember long after we’re gone from this earth.

Thank you to all my followers, whether you’ve been with me from the start or you’re just joining the journey now, for your support, kindness and encouragement. You hold me up through difficult days and inspire me to continue my writing. Whether there are 700 of you, 1000 or just one, my message will always be the same, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


15 thoughts on “Blogging Anniversary

  1. mindbeautysimplicity says:

    Congrats! as someone who just started a few months ago, hearing your story makes me happy. I hope to be doing this for a long time. See, I lost my job as a daycare assistant due to covid and am still not working. I’ve been blogging to keep me busy and also I’ve always loved writing.
    Check out my post called What Truly Makes You Happy for more details on that. Anyways, congrats to many more years blogging to you 😊🌿💕

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