Ways to Stay Strong On Your Self-Love Journey!

If you are about to embark on or have already begun your own personal self-love journey, I will be honest and say it is not an easy task. You will face obstacles within yourself, from loved ones, from co-workers and even strangers. There will be those that say you’re only declaring you love yourself just as you are to avoid the hard work of a diet or workout routine. They will tell you it’s a cop-out and that you’re lazy. You will hear people say that a self-love journey is only for fat people who can’t be bothered to “get healthy”.

None of that is true of course. First, being fat doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. I know lots of slim people with health issues. Being fat doesn’t mean you are lazy or unmotivated. It doesn’t mean you eat chips all day or spend most of your time on the couch. It, above all else, doesn’t mean you are less deserving of opportunities, relationships or adventures.

If your lack of self-love stems from other aspects of your outer appearance like scars, stretch marks, moles, birthmarks or cellulite, that too can be a difficult pill to swallow.

Wherever your low self-esteem comes from, it’s important to know that you are worth love, both from yourself and from others. There is nothing about your outside self that makes you unworthy. I commend you on your efforts to find your way towards self-love. You are brave and strong and you got this!

Below are some tips to keep you on track, motivated and inspired to love the skin you’re in:

  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. People may appear to be full of confidence but you have no idea what’s going on behind the outward facade. We all have challenges and things about ourselves we seek to change or wish were different. No one is perfect but we are all uniquely and wonderfully made.
  2. Keep your faith larger than your fears. Keep your eye on the prize and believe you can do this.
  3. Stay away from or unfollow anyone who drains you of positive energy or who doesn’t support your journey.
  4. Learn to tune out or ignore any thoughts or opinions that don’t enhance your life.
  5. Self-care is a big part of any self-love journey. Spend time on grooming and treating yourself. Wear the nicest clothing you can afford. Get regular hair cuts, maybe even splurge on a manicure. When you show yourself care, you will feel better about yourself and people will notice you in a positive way.
  6. Speak nicely to yourself about yourself. Your brain will believe what comes out of your mouth.
  7. Don’t be afraid to put yourself and your needs first. Fill your cup before sharing it with others.
  8. Self-care is not being selfish. It is feeding your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical plate so you are able to have happier relationships with others and live your best life.
  9. Spend time with yourself. Be comfortable in your own company. It will help you be more self-aware and knowledgeable about what makes you truly happy.
  10. And last but not least, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud. You deserve to love who you are. There’s no one else on this earth like you and that’s a great thing. It makes you interesting and worth getting to know.

Good luck on your journey! It may take awhile but you’re worth the investment!

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