Another Reason to Not Like Me?


Image courtesy of @swellmel09 on Instagram

I love this quote because I am short! Along with body shape, size, skin colour, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation, height can be another reason to discriminate against someone. Being of a small stature, I am well aware of the limitations my height imposes upon me. How many short models do you see on the runway or magazine layouts? How many stores have their racks low enough that a short gal like me can reach without asking for help to get something down. How many pairs of pants are just the right length that they don’t require an additional cost to get them altered so they don’t drag along the ground? Standing height is one problem but can you imagine the trouble being in a wheelchair must cause? If I can’t reach stuff standing up, surely those sitting down fair far worse. I dare say the answers to these questions are all the same; not many or not at all.

Height is like your weight or the tag on your clothing, just a number. It should not limit your experiences or goals for yourself. I’m focusing on the low-end of the height scale but I imagine anyone who is super tall has their own set of problems. The point is, whatever you look like, short or tall, skinny or fat, black or white, male or female, old or young, your opportunities should be the same. You should feel welcome to work at whatever job you are passionate about. You should be able to choose any fashion you like and rock it. You should be able to participate in any recreational activity you enjoy. You should be able to shop anywhere and find the size that suits you best. Your height, like any other physical feature, does not determine your worth.

If you’re 5 feet 2 inches like me, you’re not short, you’re just super cute! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of your height just like everything else about your physical appearance and let’s start asking for representation in the fashion shows, magazine layouts, store mannequins and anywhere else lacking cuteness.

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