Holiday Traditions – Part 3

Holidays are almost always about food and Christmas is no exception. My Dad was a pastry chef so when we were little, we attended the hotel staff and family Christmas party. We excitedly looked forward to getting a sneak peek into the kitchen where my Dad spent his days bent over the counter creating all his yummy sweet treats. We were awed by the large mixers and huge walk in freezers. While Dad didn’t do a lot of baking at home, he usually made a few delicacies for the holidays; gingerbread cookies, shortbreads and peppermint patties (made out of mashed potatoes!).

Of course the star attraction of Christmas dinner is the turkey. The smell of it cooking in the oven never fails to make my mouth water and my tummy growl in anticipation. Other favourites are the mashed potatoes, whipped to perfection, squash, turnip, corn and carrots. Sadly, Dad is no longer with us to provide the dessert, but my sister in-law always does lots of baking at Christmas and comes laden with homemade chocolates and many varieties of classic Christmas cookie favourites.

Many of you may fear the holidays as the time when your diet is shredded and the number on the scale makes you want to run and hide. However, I urge you to look forward to the food that you probably only sample a few times a year. Life isn’t about depriving yourself of such delicious holiday traditions. Life should be about savouring all the special delicacies that the season has to offer. It’s about learning to balance the treats and healthier choices and in doing so you will avoid the inevitable binge, crash, burn and overwhelming feelings of failure and disappointment in yourself.

At Christmas it’s okay to nibble on the candy cane and the carrot stick. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of your decision to ditch the diet, eat intuitively and enjoy the special tastes of the holiday season.


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