Holiday Traditions – Part 2

I realized last night, after posting yesterday’s blog installment, that I was wrong to say that Christmas was first and foremost all about the tree. Christmas back then and still today, is first and foremost, about the birth of Jesus Christ. Going to Christmas mass at our church was the biggest part of the holiday season and one I still look forward to attending. I love the old Christmas hymns, the playing out of that first Christmas in the manger, the garlands, trees and wreaths that adorn the altar and rafters of the church, the cheerful greetings of friends, family and strangers and the feelings of love and community that envelop me as I sit in my pew surrounded by all that is beautiful about Christmas.

I have said more than once that I am a woman of faith. I believe that my love of God has pulled me through many difficult times and so at Christmas, I try to be especially grateful for this blessed time and the sacrifice God made to allow his son to be born to bare our sins and eventually by giving up his life, Jesus saved us from our wrongdoings. by opening the gates of heaven. I know many don’t believe as I do and that is for each individual to decide for themselves. I don’t judge or push my beliefs on others.

Simply saying, Christmas for me is about Christ and I will keep that thought close to my heart as I prepare for the holidays. What is Christmas about for you? What are your most treasured traditions of the season? I hope you are able to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud throughout the busy days ahead and are able to enjoy this special time of year!


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