Vacation Bound!

June was a rough month and I’m definitely feeling the need for some rest and relaxation. My husband, being a teacher, and my daughter, are done their school year and definitely agree with me that’s it’s time for a vacation! So we’re packing up our trailer and heading east for Nova Scotia! We’ll be away for a month so we’ll have lots of time for swimming, soaking up the sun, roasting marshmallows, biking, visiting family and friends and new to us this year, kayaking. We found a great Amazon deal for Kayaks so we thought why not give them a try. I can’t wait to feel the ocean breeze blow across my face and the taste of salt water on my lips.

Most of all I look forward to so much time spent with my husband and daughter. With my girl heading into grade twelve next year, I  plan on really savouring this family vacation as it may be the last. Next summer she’ll be preparing for university and branching out into the world on her own (picture a very sad face on me).

With summer vacation, blogging for me becomes a little bit less of a focus so my posts will be sporadic. Also, the free WiFi at the campground isn’t very reliable which makes social media a little harder to keep on top of. I feel summer and the nicer weather means we should all be taking a break from our phones and computers and spend more time in the great outdoors.

What plans do you have this summer? Whatever you do, always remember to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and most of all, have fun! You deserve it!


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