What An Amazing World It Could Be

What would the world be like if:

  • we could spread love instead of hate?
  • we could sprinkle positivity instead of negativity?
  • we could lift each other up and not tear each other down?
  • we were more tolerant of people’s differences?
  • we focused more on the ways we are all the same?
  • we forgave each other’s faults?
  • we accepted we all make mistakes and work at being more forgiving?
  • we handed out compliments as much as we pass out criticisms?
  • were more kind?
  • we were less self-centred?
  • we were taught everyone is worthy of love and it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from?
  • we were told we can all achieve any dream if we work hard?
  • we focused more on developing our soul and who we are on the inside than losing weight or changing the outside?
  • we all felt Pretty, Plus and Proud?

What an amazing world it could be if only…

What will you do today to make the world better?




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