Life is too short to take it too seriously. We all need to find humour; reasons to smile. So follow these suggestions to live a longer and healthier emotional and mental life:

  • Watch something funny on TV instead of violence.
  • Unplug from the negative influences of social media and socialize with real people who make you happy.
  • Engage in activities that make you laugh at yourself. Think karaoke or pole dancing.
  • Don’t let other people’s negativity ruin your positive vibe. Walk away, tell them to put a lid on it or tell a joke to lighten the mood.
  • Relax when things seem overwhelming. We all have lists of things to do, deadlines to meet but somehow, someway we need to begin to understand that no amount of worrying or fretting is going to help get anything done faster or better.
  • Get regular massages, spa treatments or do yoga classes to loosen up those body muscles and frown lines. Too much negativity is not good for the wrinkles we all work so hard to prevent from developing. Think of how much money you could save on anti-wrinkle cream!
  • Remember what it is to be a child again. Play hopscotch, skipping, Red Rover or twirl a hole hoop. As adults we let life make us old before we need to be. Play and have fun!

There’s nothing wrong with being silly once in a while and if someone says you’re immature, take it as a compliment and say thank you. It means you are living a fun-filled life and that is what life should be about! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud, stop and smell the roses and smile!


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