Style Has No Age Limit


Image courtesy of simoneo2604 on Instagram. 

That’s right, I may be an older gal but I just keep getting better like a fine wine. When I was a curvy teenager, there weren’t the trendy, cute clothes that are available now to young girls so I’m living my teenage fashion fantasies in my fifties. Check out some of my outfits of the day I spotlighted this week. Which is your favourite? What fashions are you enjoying now that you missed out on in your teens? In my opinion, style has no size or age limits so go wild! Live out your teenage fashion fantasies like I am, no matter what age or size you are. Be courageous and push yourself out of your comfort zone. What have you to lose? Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of whatever fashion choices you are making but make sure you are looking foxy and fine!


Clothing from Torrid, earrings from Forever 21


Sweater from Forever 21+, Torrid jeans and jewellery


Torrid jeans, Forever 21+ sweater and earrings, necklace ?


Sweater, jeans and earrings from Torrid, necklace ?


Leggings from Addition Elle, sweater and jewellery from Torrid


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