What Does Dieting Do To Us?

Good advice!

Julie de Rohan

Uh-oh, it’s January.

The time of year when, even if you’ve been doing really well normalising your relationship with food, you can suddenly find yourself bingeing again.

Why? Because in January it’s impossible to escape the barrage of adverts for slimming clubs, weight-reduction schemes and meal replacement products. Social media is abuzz with the latest celebrity eating plans, while endless newspaper and magazine articles try to convince us of the new wonder diet “that really works”.

The message screamed at us from every avenue is a New Year, a New You, a New Life, a Slimmer You, a Better You, a Better Life. Fat = miserable, slim = happy. So get on board, people.

Despite the fact that you’ve tried every weight-loss plan under the sun and have only ever lost weight then put it on again you think about going on another diet, or going back to one that hasn’t…

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