Help One Person at a Time


Image courtesy of agurtner2337 on Instagram.

Sometimes as body positive advocates on social media, one can get caught up in the number of followers or subscribers you have. It’s easy to focus on how many are viewing your content rather than how many you are helping. I have fallen prey to this myself, wondering how I can increase my following, make my audience larger, rather than concentrating on the comments or feedback on who I have affected and why.

As an advocate, do I want attention and accolades or do I want to have a positive impact on changing the face of what we deem as beautiful? I must admit that the attention is alluring. However, I am reminded daily that helping one person feel better about themselves is just as important as helping many. One person’s self-esteem is just as important as that of a crowd of people. Perhaps, by aiding one, the act propels itself forward, like a chain letter. I started my journey simply wanting to share my feelings and experiences as a plus size woman. I then reached out to women within my community and while I didn’t have a huge response, the ones I have met with tell me all the time how I have changed their life for the better. How can I not feel proud of that?  These women I now call friends and there is nothing more alluring or satisfying as making new friends.

So, if you are a blogger, a YouTube or Instagram figure or public speaker, know that you are making a very real difference no matter the number of followers you have. One is just as important as one hundred. The point is, you are taking action and changing the world. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of the love you are spreading one small post at a time.

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