There’s A Wonder Woman In All Of Us!

Tuesday was a rainy day, so what better activity than going to the movies! We decided on “Wonder Woman”. I wasn’t expecting much; kind of just going for the popcorn, lol! I was very pleasantly surprised!

There’s a bit of something to interest almost any audience; romance, action, history, humour, folklore, imagination and who doesn’t love a good superhero? Wonder Woman is most importantly a woman who can kick butt and hold her own in a man’s world. She’s the heroine not the damsel in distress waiting for a Prince Charming to save her. This is the kind of role model little girls need to see more of. From a body positive perspective, she could use a little meat on her bones and why does she need to parade around in a skin-tight sexy outfit? But I guess if you’re fighting off the bad guys all day, you would burn calories pretty quickly and you need an outfit that does hinder a good kick to the jaw.

All joking aside, while I watched the movie, I couldn’t help thinking about the way ordinary women are wonder women very day. Think of how many things you can juggle at any one moment. Women are the ultimate multi-taskers and that is a wondrous skill not many men I know are capable of. Think of all the roles a woman takes on; mother, wife, daughter, tutor, chauffeur, cook, laundress, bottle washer, event planner, organizer, nurse not to mention careers they manage at the same time.

Women are wondrous not because they save the world but because they keep the world of all who love them safe and working like a well oiled machine. The simple things you do every day may not be the stuff movies are made of but are of no less importance. You may think you couldn’t possibly compare to the beauty and skill of the movie super hero but in truth ladies, Wonder Woman doesn’t measure up to you.

You are the team of Pretty, Plus and Proud and together we fight for what’s most important; equality, respect, opportunity, success and love for all, no exceptions!


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