Body Positive is Being Good To Your Body

Being body positive is all about embracing, accepting and loving the body you have. However, it is not a free license to do things to your body that may be harmful now or have dire consequences for your future. What does this mean? My interpretation is you try to make good food choices most of the time. You try to move your body in ways that you enjoy and you speak about your body using only positive terms. You take pride in your body, dressing it in things that make you feel good about yourself. You bathe it regularly, style yourself in a way that suits who you are and walk with confidence, smiling as much as possible.

You can of course treat yourself to an ice cream, a bag of chips or whatever little nibble calls your name but not every day. Lazy days are good too but being a couch potato every day isn’t loving your body. Find an activity you enjoy. There’s much to choose from; yoga, walking, bike riding, kite flying, dancing.

Wear makeup if that is comfortable for you. Style your hair so if flatters your beautiful face. Wear clothing that is colourful, that shows your confidence and belief that you are amazing!


I love funky styles in my clothing and my hair. I love accessories and makeup too.

Surround yourself with people who love you for your kind spirit and generous soul, who support you in the body you have. Follow people on social media that make you smile, who have the same values and morals as yourself. Delete anyone who criticizes you or makes you feel bad about yourself.

If you can do all these things, than you are truly on your way to living a body positive life in the beautiful body you call home. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and share with me how you practice body positivity every day!



A delicious and nutritious camping meal!


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