Talk Tuesday: Spread Cheer!


I recently read a post from Mary from titled 50 Ways To Cheer Someone Up.  If you’re not signed up to receive Mary’s email posts, do it now! They’re always full of body positive, happy, self-love inspiration and motivation. While I won’t share all fifty cheer up ideas in my post, I hope the ones I’ve chosen to highlight will be of use to you should you have a loved one in need of some happy vibes.

  1. Write them a list of things you love and appreciate about them.
  2. Leave them in peace if that is what they want. Sometimes all people need is a little quiet time to themselves to get their mind clear and their issues sorted out.
  3. Kidnap them and plan a day of their favourite fun activities.
  4. Offer to babysit for them, take their dog for a walk, buy them groceries, run errands, whatever you can do to make their life a little easier in that moment of need.
  5. Encourage them to make a list of their blessings and things they can be grateful for. Life isn’t all bad and focusing on the positive may help chase the doldrums away.
  6. Be a listening ear for venting and a source of advice if that is what they request.
  7. Give out hugs, massage, foot rub, whatever physical contact both of you are comfortable with.
  8. Get them out. Treat them to a movie, spa day, visit to a local garden, shopping spree or theatre presentation.
  9. Arrange for a flower delivery.
  10. Bring a furry animal to cuddle or take a trip to your local pet store or shelter. Puppy love always makes me smile.

I hope that you and everyone you love and care about is feeling happy and worry free but should you need to help someone get rid of bad energy, I hope these ideas will give you a place to start. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and most of all happy!




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