You Are So Much More Than Your Weight!

Your weight, size or shape is only a very small part of who you are! Your talents, how you treat people, your ambitions, your dreams, your skills, your beliefs, morals and values make up the greatest and most important parts of who you are!

Do you give up your seat on the bus to the elderly? Do you look out for the safety of children playing on your street? Do you create beautiful art that enriches our cultural education? Do you read to expand your mind? Do you share vegetables from your garden with your neighbours? Do you offer to pay for someone’s coffee in line behind you just because? Do you sing, dance, write? Do you pray? Do you practice yoga or walk  your dog?

All of these things can be done by anyone no matter what that person looks like. Aren’t these the things that make a life fulfilling and rich? Aren’t these the things that a person should be remembered for?

Your size does not determine who you are, what you are capable of, who you can be or what you can do. Do not wait until you are ten pounds lighter to take your kids to the beach or go for a walk in the park. Don’t wait until you are skinnier to write your book or create a masterpiece. Don’t put off learning a new sport or trying a new activity because you think people will point, stare or make fun. Everyone starts somewhere so today is your day to start something new you’ve never done before. Maybe you’ll like it and maybe you won’t but at least you would have tried.

Do Something! Be Someone! Dream! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of your shape and size and don’t let it hold you back from the amazing person you are and the wonderful life you deserve!



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