What Dreams Are Still Unfulfilled and Why?

Do you have something you have always wanted to do but as of yet remains undone? Are there dreams in your heart you have yet to achieve? What is holding you back? What fears prevent you from going after your heart’s desire?

I think perhaps many of us feel that dreams are for the young or the thin and beautiful or those born into wealth. Dreams are not for the fat, or the old, or “average looking” or the low-income makers. I’m going to argue against these false beliefs.

Just like general society has tried to tell us that being plus size is taboo and that we should hide from public eye, it too has wrongly discouraged certain populations from dreaming. If you are fat, a person of colour, homosexual, transgender, or any multitude of attributes not considered mainstream, then you are not entitled to the “good life”. How very wrong this line of thinking is! Everyone, no matter shape, size, colour, race, sexuality, or gender is entitled to dream; to want things for themselves that not just improves their lives but also who they are as people.

If you have curves, there are no laws that I’m aware of that say you can’t pursue a career in medicine, modelling, engineering, law or scientific research. Where does it say that being an astronaut, chef, train engineer or teacher requires a thin, blond, blue-eyed female to fulfill the role? Why should anyone not be allowed to marry the person they love and have a family?

I have a few dreams yet to fulfill; write a book, model, grace the cover of a magazine, share my story to crowds of thousands. I am not blond, blue eyed, thin or young but I believe I am still entitled to a few dreams. While some dreams may be harder to achieve or take more time, that doesn’t mean they can’t be realized. Dreams and desires keep us focused on a future. Dreams pull us out of difficult times because they give us hope. Dreams help us believe we are worthy of greatness. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know that any dream can be achieved if we keep our eye on the prize, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward!


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