Hottest Fashion Trends – Do They fit You?

Cold shoulder tops, skinny or distressed jeans, bikinis, short shorts, strapless dresses, off the shoulder tops or dresses, leggings:  Do any of these fashion trends appeal to you as a plus size woman? It seems like the move in fashion for any woman of any size, is to show more skin especially with the arrival of warmer weather. As a plus size woman, though, do you feel confident enough to bare more skin? In the past, curvy women were encouraged to cover up, the less skin and rolls exposed for the world to see, the better.

I have to admit, showing more of my body is a trend I’m still learning to be okay with. Even as a body positive advocate and writer, I have my insecurities.  Bathing suits are a yes, bikinis a no so far. I love distressed denim so a little skin poking through the holes is okay. Cold shoulder tops are a yes but off the shoulder tops or dresses are still a no, mostly because I have yet to try on a strapless bra I like. I have heard Torrid has good bras but believe it or not, I haven’t tried their lingerie. Shocking I know since I’m obsessed with Torrid as many of you probably know. I still prefer longer shorts but I do own a pair of shorter length jean shorts I pull out when I’m feeling more daring.  I love leggings; pair them with longer length tunic blouses or sweaters and I’m good to go.

As I continue my body love journey, I hope that my confidence will continue to grow and with it my desire to try more daring outfit trends. However, I know that what I or anyone chooses to wear is a personal choice. Fill your closet with items that make you feel pretty. Don’t feel pressured by what other people say you should wear, be it the latest trends or the old-fashioned ideas of more is better.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud no matter how you choose to dress your curves!



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