Body Positive Talk Tuesday – Feel Good Shopping

My hubby and I took a little drive today and ended up in a little town with a nice mall. It was so exciting to see stores that I’ve seen featured on so many YouTube videos, Instagram posts and other blogs. There was a Charlotte Russe, Rue 21 and Maurices. Sadly they once had a Lovesick (Torrid’s little sister) but that particular line of stores is no longer in operation. Have no fear though, this girl happily browsed the other stores unavailable in Canada.


Today I’m focusing on Charlotte Russe, not because of what I purchased but because of the “feel good” signage on the walls. (Watch for Fashion Friday’s post for what came back to the trailer in my shopping bag.)


You are amazing. Remember that!

The cynical person might say the words on the wall are there mainly to draw you in to spend your money; a clever advertising gimmick. Perhaps that’s true but being the body positive advocate that I am, I prefer to look at it entirely different. I say that if a store makes me feel good about myself whether it’s with advertising, good customer service or excellent product quality then I’m definitely going to shop there. For far too long plus size women were left out of the fashion industry. We didn’t have choices of places to shop or clothing to wear. Our spending dollars weren’t valued. Finally someone has woken up and realized curvy girls like to wear fashionable and trendy clothing just like any other woman.


Smile. It’s your best accessory!

So thank you Charlotte Russe for helping me feel good about my body and for taking notice that size or shape shouldn’t limit your fashion choices. Browsing in your store for this plus size Canadian girl definitely made me feel Pretty, Plus and Proud! Now please come to Canada!



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