Miscellaneous Monday: Home Away From Home

Good morning all my lovelies! Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the summer season! As I’ve probably mentioned before, we have started our vacation in the city of Chicago in the good old USA. We had some great family time touring the city last week before dropping our daughter off at North Western University for a 10 day Health and Wellness camp. She’s having a wonderful time so far and has met some lovely new friends so I’m so relived it’s all going well for her!

I’ll share some pictures of our time in the city in an upcoming post but for Miscellaneous Monday I thought I would share some photos of our home away from home while our daughter is enjoying a taste of university life. We have a 13-year-old, 34 foot travel trailer that, while not super updated in its decor, continues to provide a roof over our head to make travelling affordable. I’ve tried to make it cozy and comfortable with my favourite style of decorating, country.

Enjoy the photos and hope you’re experiencing summer holidays feeling Pretty, Plus and Proud!


Front door entrance; kitchen to the right and master bedroom to the left, living area directly across from the door.


Master bedroom with lots of storage on either side of the bed and above.


Some decorative pieces above the bedroom window. I learned you can hang pictures using velcro!


The living room with fold down couch to make a bed. I bought the stools on VarageSale. they act as foot rests, storage and coffee tables. 


Kitchen has storage above and below the sink, a three burner stove and small oven. 


Our little kitchen also has a microwave and fridge/freezer.


Our dining room: the lamp on the table was made by my Dad so it’s nice to have a piece of him wherever we go. 


Our little bathroom; all the necessities we need plus room for a little decorating. 


Bathroom shower that also has a small tub. 


The bunk room aka my daughter’s room is serving as my dressing room while she’s away. It has three bunks and lots of storage as you can also see in the photo below. 


The table folds up and there is storage behind it. 

That’s our humble abode for Chicago and NS later this summer. What are your summer plans? Anyone doing any travelling? Share your stories! 


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