Miscellaneous Monday – Torrid Dressing Room

I recently stopped in at Torrid and tried on a few of their summer tops. Normally I don’t experience too many fails at my favourite retailer but sadly this wasn’t as successful a trip as usual. I made one purchase from the pictures below. Can you guess which one?







#4 Front View


#4 Back View


Fit or not, success or not, I’m still Pretty, Plus and Proud with my shape and size and whatever clothing suits me best!



6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday – Torrid Dressing Room

  1. 3C Style says:

    My guess: Number 4 because it fit you really well and the detail of the back gives it a little extra oumph. These are qualities we have to search in clothing.


  2. cyranny says:

    Aww, a little late, but I was about to say the same 🙂 Really nice top, and a great fit 🙂 Also looks extra comfortable, and that’s the firt thing I look for when I shop for new clothes!


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