Fashion Friday – Friend Closet Thrifting

If your clothing budget is low and you are fortunate enough to have a friend who is the same or similar size and shape as you, then closet thrifting/exchange might be an excellent option to freshen your wardrobe options. Maybe she’s willing to sell at a good price, give away (even better), let you borrow for a bit or if she’s interested in some items in your closet, you could opt for a temporary or permanent exchange.

I am fortunate to have such a friend and recently went thrift shopping in her closet. I brought home some beautiful blouses, one of which I wore recently to a wedding. She used to work in the retail industry so my options were plentiful and very pretty. I’m trying to upscale my wardrobe a bit, filling it with more dressy pieces. T-shirts and jeans are great but a girl should dress a little more classy once in a while.

Enjoy the pictures below of the lovely items I was able to give a new home to! All pieces are from Addition Elle and are size 2x.

#1 – Love this blouse especially the flow of the sleeves and the trim detail at the bottom. 





#2 – Love the colours in this blouse and the flow of the sleeves.



#3 – This is a super cute, long vest. Love the flow and it will look great with leggings!


#4 – This is a beautiful sheer blouse. Love the rose print!


#5 – Another beautiful blouse with a beautiful flow to the sleeves.



Most of these tops will look great styled with leggings simply because of the length of them. They’ll be great with dress pants or I may even try dressing them down with skinny jeans. Styling new pieces and making them fit with existing pieces in your closet is so much fun. I look forward to being Pretty, Plus and Proud in my thrift finds. Thanks to my good friend for letting me shop her closet!




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