Talk Tuesday – Getting Beach Ready

I think it’s safe to say that the warm weather is here to stay and beach days are on the agenda of things to do. For plus size gals, going to the beach may be an anxiety riddled outing. You’re probably used to thinking things like; “I look like a whale in the sand when I put on a bathing suit.” or “Everyone will be looking and thinking my big butt does not belong in a swimsuit or on the beach.” You may be used to feelings of fear when you shop for a bathing suit, thinking you need to find something that covers as much skin and fat as possible so you don’t offend or scare anyone enjoying their day at the beach.

I say it is time to put those fears, anxious moments and negative thinking to bed. In all honesty, no one really cares who’s on the beach or what they look like. Have you even been to a beach lately? There are so many body types and sizes, that you will find yourself blending in quite nicely.

Make your trip to the beach as positive as possible by following some of the tips below:

  1. Start with the purchase of a colourful, fun swimsuit that screams confidence. So many plus size retailers have tons of options that you are sure to find something you love! If you still feel a little timid about walking on the sand in your swim suit, buy a cute cover up to put on top until you feel relaxed enough to go without.
  2. Stock up on fun and tasty snacks to keep hunger at bay. It’s always fun to plan a beach picnic!
  3. If you’re not a mermaid aka lover of water, bring an interesting book or magazine to read while you soak up the sun. Bring some pails and shovels and allow the inner child in you to come out and build a castle fit for the queen you are.
  4. Invite friends who accept you as you are, who will support your adventure, make you laugh and help make your trip to the beach one you will want to repeat.
  5. Laughter among friends is contagious and will attract attention but it will be the positive kind. People won’t see a big girl on the beach. They will see people having a great time, enjoying the beautiful weather and each other’s company. It’s that kind of scene that will spread happiness, You will help other women there feel more confident too! Happiness and confidence is contagious!
  6. Finally, life is too short to worry about your size or weight. Don’t let the warm weather and sunny days pass you by. Don’t look out your window wishing to be a part of what you see. Step out the door and be a part of the scene, not an onlooker.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and remember that having a beach body simply means putting on a bathing suit and going to the beach, period! No diets or crazy exercise routines to get beach body ready. You are ready with the body you have, right now, in this moment. Now get out there and make some waves!


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