Miscellaneous Monday – Makeup Base Coat

Welcome to Miscellaneous Monday and the beginning of another week, a very hot one according to the weather forecast, ugh! I love warm air and sunshine but not humidity! If you have oily skin like me, humidity is no friend to make up staying in place. Thus I have a several step routine that helps with that problem and that is the topic of today’s post. After cleansing my skin (which I shared in last Monday’s post) the following steps and products are what I use as my base coat prior to applying colour. All products are Mary Kay, except the contouring stick which is Clinique, and are designed for oily to combination skin.

  1.  Foundation – matte to control shine, applied with a sponge



 2.  Concealer – to cover dark spots and uneven skin tone applied by dabbing with my finger


3.  Contouring – used around jaw line to “camouflage” double chin, lol, applied with a contouring sponge


4.  Mineral Powder Foundation – helps to control shine throughout the day, applied with a sponge


5. Translucent Powder – controls shine throughout the day, applied with a sponge



Do you wear makeup? Remember makeup is fun but not at all necessary to be Pretty, Plus and Proud!





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