Miscellaneous Monday!

I’ve started a new routine on my YouTube channel that I think I will try out here on the blog as well.

Miscellaneous Mondays are for just about anything; makeup, fashion, hair, body positive talk, travel, family life, food, books, etc.

Talk Tuesdays are all about positivity; how you can be more body positive, confident and feeling beautiful in your own skin.

Fashion Friday is exclusively all things fashion; hauls, outfits of the day, try ons, look books, accessories, shopping, favourite stores, sales, etc.

Now that summer is fast approaching, I’ll be spending more time with family, travelling, visiting and enjoying the outdoors so I’m going to reduce my blog posts to three times a week. Hopefully you all approve of the new plan.

So for today, I’m sharing my skin care routine for Miscellaneous Monday.


Starting from the left and in the order of application:

  1. Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleanser #3 – great for oily skin without being too harsh.
  2. Mary Kay Clear Proof Blemish Control Toner – great for reducing acne flare-ups.
  3. Mary Kay Timewise Day Solution – moisturizer with sunscreen, great for all skin types.
  4. Mary Kay Timewise Night Solution – used in the evening after step one and two to moisturize skin while I sleep, suitable for all skin types.
  5. Mary Kay Clear Proof Moisturizer for acne prone skin.
  6. Mary Kay Oil Mattifier – helps reduce oil and shine throughout the day under your makeup.
  7. Mary Kay Dark Spot Reducer – evens out skin tone and helps reduce dark spots left from acne breakouts.
  8. Mary Kay Firming Eye Cream – reduces fine lines around the eyes.
  9. Mary Kay Eye Primer – helps eye shadow stay fresh and in place.
  10. Mary Kay Lip Primer – reduces fines lines around the lips and prevents lipstick from bleeding.
  11. Mary Kay Soothing Eye Gel – great for puffiness or dark circles under the eye.
  12. Mary Kay Face Primer – helps makeup stay fresh throughout the day.
  13. Mary Kay Botanical Face Mask #3 – used once or twice a week, suitable for oily skin.

I’ve been using Mary Kay products for approximately 15 years and my skin has never been more clear, soft and I like to think, youthful, lol!

Do you have a skin care routine you’d like to share? You’re never too young or too old to start taking care of your skin. Clean and clear skin can help you feel Pretty, Plus and Proud and goes a long way to helping you feel more confident! 


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