FabUplus Magazine – Spring 2017 Issue


Looking for some good reading material? Look no further than FabUplus magazine’s spring 2017 issue. I love cracking open the spine of a new hard copy print magazine. I love the colourful pictures, the different print fonts and the excitement and anticipation of what each page will reveal to me. No e-reader for this girl! FabUplus is a magazine in a category all it’s own. It is specifically designed, written and published with the plus size community in mind. Finally a magazine with ad models who are my size!


The lovely Sarah Taylor modelling for SexyPlus Clothing. Finally advertising with a model I can relate to. 

At Long last, there are articles to read that help me feel good about myself rather than encouraging me to change my body. This is not FabUplus’ first issue, nor do I hope it is nowhere near ever leaving the magazine racks. Check our your local book store, drug store or Walmart and grab your copy today before they’re all gone! You can also check out FabUplus on:

Here’s some highlights from this issue to give you a little taste of what’s in store for your reading pleasure:

  • Amanda Trusty’s personal story


  • Raising Body Positive Kids


  • Broken to Beautiful – Learning to Love Life in my Body by Joleen Green


  • Ending the War with Our Bodies 


  • How To Choose The Right Bra 


  • Fashion Do’s 


  • Fresh Finds for Spring



My favourite store, Torrid, has a spot in this article, featuring items to spruce up your Spring wardrobe!

  • Meet Project Runway Winner, Ashley Nell Tipton 


  • Getting Fit Without the Gym


  • Are You Doing Enough? The best way to stop judging yourself!


  • Love Yourself Healthy


  • Body Love Is Learned


  • You Are Not A Before and After


This issue is chalk full of so much body positivity and good vibes! Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been travelling on the road to self-love for a while, the articles in this magazine will definitely help you feel Pretty, Plus and Proud!


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