Make Your life Your Own Somehow

Do you ever feel your life is not your own? Do you feel like you live by someone else’s rules, needs or desires? Do you feel trapped or out of control? Are you starving to have your own identity?

I think many people feel this way at some point in life. We all get caught up in the lives of our loved ones. Especially women I think, get forgotten in the midst of everything they have to do or the roles they have to fill every day. We all fall into at least one of these categories; wife, mother, lover, chauffeur, cook, event planner, household organizer, laundress, financier, cleaner, dog walker, etc., etc.! Somewhere, sometimes we lose who we are. Our dreams get pushed aside. Our life goals get delayed. Sometimes we get trapped in unhealthy relationships and don’t know where to turn to get out. The things we want out of life seem trivial in the eyes of those we love when there is so much going on.

When you start to feel this way, it is important to try to find some way to make your life your own. You have to make time to do something for yourself you enjoy and don’t feel guilty while doing it. Join a yoga class if you are aching for some peace. get your hair done if you are feeling unhappy with the image you project. Go to the library to read if quiet time at home is impossible. Find your passion and some way to follow it, maybe through volunteer work or online communication. You only have one life to live. Don’t be  the ninety year old wishing you had written your book, taken the dance class or sang at the local pub. Find your happiness before it’s too late. You have the strength!

Live the life that makes you feel Pretty, Plus and Proud!


4 thoughts on “Make Your life Your Own Somehow

  1. Kennedy Blogs says:

    Love this post.. I definitely needed to read this one!! I am always comparing myself to others; whether it be in public, at work, or on social media, and especially comparing myself to women. It’s hard in today’s society, but you just have to realize that there is no better life than yours!


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