Body Positive Week – Part Two


Image courtesy of excusemewhileikissmysky on Instagram.

  1. Today I am continuing my share of recommendations from FabUPlus magazine ( The following websites and people all strive to help women struggling with their body image. They are leaders, coaches and producers of body positive inspiration and motivation, encouraging all women to be the best version of themselves and love who they are, not letting size or shape hold them back from their dreams and aspirations. Check them out!

My Own Thoughts For The Week:

Learning to love yourself is a challenge and does not happen over night. It is a daily struggle but one I think is worth the time and effort. No one is perfect even though you may think you are alone in your feelings of not being good enough. Everyone has fears, doubts, moments of feeling not worthy. You are not alone! I have learned to love my body not despite but because of its limitations and imperfections. I am plus size. I have stretch marks. I have rolls. I have a double chin. I walk with a limp. My body can be weak and tired. I’ll never run a marathon or climb a mountain. These things do not make me ugly or unworthy. These things tell my story. They a part of me but not all of me. The things you struggle with are part of you but do not define you or make you less. Your struggles make you strong and wise. Be kind and gentle with your body for it holds you up day after day. It carries you always forward. Love yourself because you are special, amazing, beautiful and unique! There is no one in the world like you so walk with your head held high.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of who you are! You are talented, intelligent, strong and absolutely wonderful!


Image courtesy of anncharles368 on Instagram.


4 thoughts on “Body Positive Week – Part Two

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