Body Positive Week

I know I’m a little late getting into this fabulous topic but better late then never so Happy Body Positive Week! I’ve been following some great sites through email postings this week, all dedicated to celebrating and inspiring body positivity. In my post today, I’d like to share their thoughts on what body positivity is all about and how women can be more comfortable in their skin no matter their size or shape.


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  1.  Check out the website, for lots of body positive inspiration. The articles are posted by real people (even a few by yours truly) but experts also weigh in on many topics. Some topics being discussed this week are: “How To Stop Hating Your Body”, “Ten steps To Positive Body Image” and “Tips to Be More Body Positive Today” (written by me, here’s the link: I urge you to read these articles if your body image is suffering. Life is too short to waste time and energy hating yourself and hiding! Love yourself and get out to enjoy this precious one life given to you!
  2. Plus Size Consumers as recommend by FabUPlus Magazine (– The plus size industry is growing and expanding so here are some brands dedicated to enhancing the plus size figure and make wearing beautiful clothing possible and comfortable:


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That’s it for this post! Check out these great websites for fashion inspiration and motivation to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud today! I’ll be back tomorrow with more highlights for Body Positive Week! 


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